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Is the technological process that takes a plane what kind of?

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By plane flow:
1, reach the airport. You should note time, because airline stipulates the airliner takes off before 30 minutes to stop to deal with,board the plane formalities, a hour reachs the airport.
2, do board the plane formalities (change boarding check namely) . The flight number that sees you is in which bar is dealt with, the airport has indication screen to tell you which airliner is in which bar, find corresponding bar, give airline ticket, Id personnel of airport value opportunity. If you have big baggage, consign here, tourist class the baggage of 20 kilograms of less than is free. Want to notice consigned baggage does not want carry secretly banned article, do to board the plane formalities, value opportunity personnel meets the passenger airline ticket couplet, boarding check, luggage check, id go back gives you.
3, install check too. To the passageway that install check, passageway mouth has a counter that install check, you give the passenger couplet of airline ticket, boarding check, Id the member that install check, examine and verify of the member that install check can be sure above boarding check affix one's seal. Install check gate too next, the article that carries should bring check machine past from the X light by the door that install check, yourself wants to be passed from the door that install check. Install check to be entered sure await engine office.
4, await machine. Through installing check hind, see the airliner that you can indicate above your boarding check board the plane in which the mouth boards the plane, find with board the plane the mouth awaits engine office correspondingly, a few board the plane the mouth awaits engine office in a few machine. Every state the position of engine office, the airport can have indication screen show, not clear and OK ask the airport serves personnel. Find await engine office to rest over, wait for broadcast announcement to board the plane. If you smoke, can smoke to smoking room. Remember noticing to hear broadcast.
5, board the plane. Hear board the plane after broadcast, in board the plane the mouth can have service personnel to tear boarding check, you arrive board the plane the mouth joins boarding check service staff, service personnel rips a small from boarding check, other part is handed in answer you, you hold boarding check to follow the plane on others.
6, seek the seat on machine. Your position is indicated on boarding check, be like: 5D, 11C of what, the number represents the a fewth, every seat is to press A, B, C, D, E, F. . Of the platoon, the bulkhead that the seat name label on the plane is putting baggage (seat upper part) . The place that finds you sits down, buckle on safety belt, the mobile phone is put out before taking off.
7, eat is fed. When the flight, airline has free drink to distribute, if long line is in mealtime, can free meal is fed supply (with respect to meal of a box, not delicious, the quantity is little also) , short course sends mug-up.
8, arrive. After the plane arrives at a purpose to stand, if you are consigned,have baggage, remember take baggage, there is the place that takes baggage in the meeting on the passageway toward exit
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