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Zhuhai of next month of exposition of aerospace of the 7th China International i

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Exposition of aerospace of the 7th China International will on November 4 - in Zhuhai city 9 days boat exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously! According to sponsorring square introduction, "God 7 " hopeful takes the lead in appearing! Objective over model, in sky gigantic without bully volant hover, india " sunshine " aerobatics performs a row 9 machine form into columns performance, sichuan is aseismatic the flight implements such as the advanced helicopter in providing disaster relief is revealed etc is the window that current boat exhibits.

Current boat is exhibited by Guangdong commerce of province people government, industry and informatization ministry, China International promotes bureau of civil aviation of bureau of industry of science and technology of national defense of committee, nation, China to wait to be sponsorred jointly. As we have learned, the country that enters current boat to exhibit and area amount amount to 35, join all sorts of aircraft in kind that extend to exceed 60, manufacturers of nearly 600 aerospace of China and foreign countries will be joined exhibit, join those who extend scope is big unprecedented.

Current boat is exhibited emphasize recommend infrastructure of carrying trade of aerospace manufacturing industry, civilian battalion, general aviation, aviation the market prospect of the domain such as weapon of exploration of safety of construction, aviation, universe, missile and cooperative opportunity, begin technical communication and classics trade collaboration to create good condition for company of aerospace of China and foreign countries. According to sponsorring square introduction, "God 7 " return cabin hopeful to take the lead in be being exhibited in current boat on appear.

Hotspot one: 3 exhibit a house to change as " Chinese aviation house "

Current boat is exhibited ginseng exhibit dimensions and ginseng to exhibit aircraft amount to exceed boat of previous term or session to exhibit greatly, boat exhibits 3 of the center to exhibit a house to will be enabled entirely. 2 are exhibited the house exhibits a house to be certainly respectively with 3 " Chinese spaceflight house " and " Chinese aviation house " , will be in the 2nd day when begin to was certainly on November 5 namely " day of Chinese aviation industry " . At the appointed time, chinese plane undertakes concentration function shows a flight.

It is reported, be in " Chinese aviation house " in exhibiting a house 3 numbers, show concentration actual strength of our country spaceflight, reveal satellitic application and applied satellite to build medium prominent position in national economy further. Participate in Sichuan is aseismatic this year the super catamount helicopter of group of service of flight of special zone of government of the EC225 large helicopter of the bureau of deliverance of Nanhai of traffic Department of Transportation that provide disaster relief, Hong Kong and nimble flow 41 model the plane such as the machine that decide an ala also will be joined exhibit, recount to people aseismatic the beautiful story that provide disaster relief.

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