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Airline ticket of the Nanning after National Day falls order ticket discount ahe

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"11 " the golden week just fell next heavy curtain, before the section " stand high above the masses " airline ticket price somewhat fall after a rise. Reporter yesterday (8) day understands from each airline, also do not have in former years toward each circuitry of area inside and outside from Nanning at present in that way depreciate considerably, airline ticket price also is in 6 to 7 fold, but the passenger can do sales promotion activity to be taken through each airline low lose airline ticket.

In former years " 11 " the golden week ends, set out from Nanning to airline ticket of each business affairs course of big city the price can appear substantially depreciate, normally airline ticket discount maintains in 3 to 4 fold, but this year however act out of normal behaviour, all maintain in 6 to 7 fold.

Although the price resides airline ticket not to fall high, but the passenger also can take low discount airline ticket from inside activity of each airline sales promotion, for instance: Deep boat shifts to an earlier date 15 days to buy, can enjoy 2.5 lose airline ticket, it is OK to shift to an earlier date 10 days to buy enjoy 3 lose airline ticket, but accept conditional restriction, because place of special offer airline ticket is little, the passenger needs to be bought immediately, and cannot be retreated and bought special offer airline ticket changes a label.

Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) also have multinomial and favourable measure, to coming loose commonly guest, want to shift to an earlier date 15 days to buy a ticket only, what can enjoy 2-5 to fold is favourable. Right year full the old person of 55 one full year of life, na Hang is rolled out " better care " activity, shift to an earlier date 45 days, 30 days buy a ticket with 15 days, can enjoy 3.5 fold, 4 fold reach 4.5 lose privilege.

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