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Price of the airline ticket after the golden week considerably fall after a rise

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National Day golden week has gone, airline ticket price begins substantially fall after a rise. Yesterday (8) day, reporter from Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport (abbreviation " Bai Yun airport " ) booking office learns, came 10 days on October 9, the airline ticket to Hua Dong, southwest is dog-cheap, partial flight number is small to 2 fold.

As we have learned, guangzhou is 2-3 basically to fold to the airline ticket of Hua Dong, southwest now: To Chengdu special offer 2 fold, it is 2-3 to fold to Wen Zhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, to Hangzhou 3 fold. And the airline ticket to Shandong, northeast direction folds basically in 4-5: Guangzhou is folded to 2.5-3 of Wuhan special offer, to Qingdao 3 fold, fold to Harbin 3.5-4, to Jinan it is 4 fold above, fold basically for 4-5 to Changsha, Nanchang, it is basically to Changchun 5 fold. And the airline ticket that goes to Beijing, Shanghai is a bit expensive, just 7-8 is folded.

Additional, because the gold period of time of travel already passed, the airline ticket of travel circuitry also begins now substantially fall after a rise, guangzhou comes 3 inferior, the airline ticket of Guilin, big talk is 2 fold, and travel is long term if Guangzhou comes Xi'an 4 fold, special offer 2 fold; Fold to Kunming 4-5; And reach Home Zhang from Guangzhou bound slightly tall, airline ticket price is 6-8 to fold.

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