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Cost boat of 136 million yuan of countries investment of system of new moving co

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 9, 2008 message: On October 7, 2008 22 when 18 minutes, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) moving control system realized new old switch smoothly, new system is official put into production. This indicates boat whole moving control realized a country to span newly, aviation safety will get stronger safeguard, service quality will promote considerably.

This the moving control system of put into production is current the advanced management pattern of international mainstream, wait for many airline place to use for airline of peaceful of the famous AA on international, country, Singapore. In September 2006, boat is the country improvement riding quality, optimize flight character, signed value with American Sabre company the agreement of 15 million dollar, introduced the software system with advanced quadruplet. Come two years, boat throws the country early or late 136 million undertake the project is built, established a project to head group and project group, the branch that participates in construction covered total production unit. The system makes a process in, boat holds the country for many times meeting of project leader group and seminar can undertake delibrate, wrote systematic government, use and safeguard manual, organized abroad 9 times to groom groom with 24 home, move through check for many times and trying, run control system newly to went up successfully on October 7 line, as strong as the play on service quality action will move in production.

Run those who control mode newly to use, the plane airline of utmost ground conformity, aircrew, airliner 3 great natural resources, those who realize centralized control of production and resource is the biggest change use, the production of boat runs the country mark brigadier and international precede the level connects close, advocate " 4 hearts " service concept will be fulfilled further with deepen, the passenger can enjoy more excellent service. The science that balances through plane load is calculated and dog to the real time of the airliner, whole journey is enclothed, airliner security will get ensuring further, your passenger more be at ease; In the airliner abnormal condition falls to be able to resolve the conflict between the airliner quickly through this system, airliner percent of punctuality will get very big rise, the passenger will be fewer perplex for place of airliner incur loss through delay, more satisfactory; Through the country the unity of boat airliner allocates the scientific computation that plans with the flight, boat can offer the country the safest and quick flight line, arrangement is more will seasonable, accurate, reasonable, the passenger will enjoy more enough airliner hour and transport power, more Shu Xin; Through uniting production command system is mixed share information platform build, boat will realize the country to be communicated adequately between each boat station, offer for the passenger more convenient the service with individuation, your passenger more one's mind disturbed; Additional, because this covers a system to be introduced by abroad, existence and current situation of Chinese aviation trade are returned on a lot of detail not quite the place of conform to, country boat had specific aim ground to undertake complement and be transforminged to the system accordingly, those who make more the actual condition that gets used to China, in application the level achieved functional more, enclothe wider, efficiency taller, the service that provides for the passenger also more human nature is changed with individuation. After in the country boat runs the line on the go into operation that controls a system newly, the passenger will become the biggest person that be benefited.

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