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Deep boat ground takes a department about " 10.5 " the clear statement of confli

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 8, 2008 message: On October 5 16 when the left and right sides, one professes is Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) the man of employee comes to Shenzhen aviation finite liability company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " deep boat " ) the value opportunity bar in Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, the requirement helps 8 passengers conduct the boarding check of ZH9995 airliner ahead of schedule. This man did not produce identity document, state its oneself do not take this scheduled flight, just send a guest and help its print boarding check ahead of schedule. Because the situation is special, deep boat the staff member guides his deal with formalities to 29 directors bar.

After this man arrives at director bar, put forward to want to help other fare conduct boarding check ahead of schedule, but cannot show effective certificate as a result of its, do not accord with the regulation of deep boat, accordingly the accused knows to cannot deal with value opportunity formalities. This man sees shape is very furious, begin to use very offensive language abuse deep boat ground takes employee, threaten should lay employee of this deep boat. Female employee of another deep boat sees state, before walking up immediately good word help sb to get over his worries, but this man does not stop, to its along with all the others abuse, minatory " should look for a person to come to you good-looking " .

Right now, employee of another deep boat from go outside bar, see this besides hind go to this man beside try help sb to get over his worries, unexpectedly spearhead of this man transfer, push this deep boat employee abusively. The try to stop people from fighting each other before deep boat ground takes an other employee to go up rapidly, try to stop people from fighting each other in the process, a of ministry of service of deep boat ground female employee by this man fan one a slap on the face, its are abdominal also by heavy kick one foot. This act of this man is caused immediately all round the anger of deep boat male colleague, bring about a got-up affair to expand. Subsequently, the bodyguard of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport arrives, the situation gets controlling. The staff member runs back to deep boat immediately bar and when ganger the canal gets in touch, the announcement attempers personnel calls the police and photograph monitoring turn like the head come over.

After this, this man stays in await engine office not to agree to leave, employee of vociferation deep boat beats up a passenger, the passenger that causes numerous and unidentified condition is surrounded view, below the circumstance that intervenes finally in the police, before this man agrees, go to await machine building police station to accept mediation.

Current, deep boat gets hurt female employee is diagnosed to be parenchyma contusion, leaving a courtyard to accept treatment. Via preliminary understanding, this man is not Dong Hang's employee, however so called " the young that draw a customer " , be engaged in the airline ticket of buy in and sell at a profit, person that helps passenger subcontract carry to illegal battalion car gains the line of business such as price difference in the airport namely.

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