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What article can you carry on the plane? What can be carried? What does safe exa

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" safety of Chinese civil aviaton checks regulation "
Accessory one: The article that prohibits the passenger carries or consigning:
(one) firearms, for military use or alarm provide with instrument kind (contain main component) , include:
1. Gun of for military use, official business uses a gun: Handgun, musket, machine gun, machine gun, prevent cruel gun to wait.
2. Civil gun, gun of air gun, shotgun, motion, anaesthetic inject gun, starting gun.
3. Other firearms: Sample gun. Prop gun.
4. Armament, alarm instrument: Billy, for military use or alarm with dagger, bayonet.
5. National illicit firearms, instrument provides: The ball bearing gun, gun that urge a tear, electrical shock gun, electrical shock implement, defensive implement wait.
6. The mimic of afore-mentioned article.

(2) explosive category, include:
1. Ammo: Bomb, grenade, star shell, incendiary, smoke ball, signal flare, tear bomb, gas bomb and bullet (blank cartridge, battle is played, examine play, the coach is played) etc.
2. Blow up equipment: Dynamite, detonator, fuse, guide explode conductance of all alone, blame explodes system, blow up the agent.
3. Fireworks goods: The firework is played, firework, cracker.
4. The mimic of afore-mentioned article.

(3) control cutting tool: Point to those who carry out to approval of classics the State Council was promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security 1983 " the provisional provision that implements control to partial cutting tool " in lists cutting tool, include dagger, 3 shuttle knife (the 3 arris drawknife that includes machining to use) , contain the cutting tool that locks up device oneself and dagger of be similar in shape but the Chan Ren knife that length exceeds dagger, catling and other and similar Chan Ren, Shuang Ren. 3 arris dagger. Minority needs to adorn as a result of habits and customs, knife of use Tibetan knife, broadsword, boots belong to control cutting tool, allow to be sold in ethical autonomy place only, use.

(4) combustible, explode easily article, include: Hydric, oxygen, butane bottled compress gas, liquefacient gas; Yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (contain film) , the spontaneous combustion article such as oilpaper and its goods; Metallic Potassium. Sodium, Potassium, carbonization is calcic (calcium carbide) , the combustible material in water such as magnalium pink; Benzine, kerosene, derv, benzene, alcohol (alcohol) , the combustible liquid such as paint, rare makings, retinol; The combustible solid such as alcohol of flashy pink, solid, celluloid; Oxidize too sodium, oxidize too potassium, oxidize too lead, cross all sorts of inorganic such as acetic acid, organic oxidant.

(5) poisons substanes: Include prussiate, the drama poison such as virulent pesticide is tasted.

(6) caustic article: Include vitriolic, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, have fluid storage battery, potassium of oxidation of hydrogenous oxidation natrium, hydrogen.
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