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By plane what should food notice?

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Giddy, bosom appears when seizing the opportunity to avoid to be in bowel of frowsty, disgusting, stomach bilges gas, even the symptom such as vomiting, before seize the opportunity food should note 3 fear: One avoid big meat or fish reachs high protein food. The time that these food keep in intestines and stomach is long, digestive difficulty, add a person to decrease in the digestive juice in sky, gastric function slacken, convulsion of bowel of stomach of extremely easy generation, blast the disease such as sexual angina. 2 avoid eat much crude fibre food, wait like beer, soda water, soya bean, turnip, they produce angry system easily inside body. Because plane flight height is taller, atmospheric pressure exceeds a base, make bilge to enrage and produce a bosom inside human body frowsty, abdominal distension, breath not free. 3 avoid eat supersaturation hollow on machine, avoid responsibility of stomach, heart overweight mirror with hypoglycemia.

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