Beijing is hit to ruble Brazil lose airline ticket

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Beijing is hit to ruble Brazil lose airline ticket | Price inquiry | Beijing arrives ruble Brazil airline ticket | Airliner inquiry

Airline ticket type: Does  of this ┑ bore with a reamer reach haying  of buttock Man Yang?

Set out: This 〣 Eijing

Change trains: Arare of   譎

Arrive:  reachs buttock 鱈 Ubumbashi

Airline: Does fine ず charming exhibit Qiu canister does charming of Qin of  of ǜ of  chaste tree exhibit  of  lens bore with a reamer and buttock dice  to kill Rong of bank ⒕ demit to blow Qian skirt  ?

Airline ticket price: コ Ta?000 goes back and forth between ¥ 7500

Regulation of change the date: The passenger falls in the situation that does not need to take a Yuan Dinghang class certainly, must inform airline is procuratorial perhaps ahead of schedule abolish a place, regard NOSHOW as otherwise. Still did not do inside proper before the flight number that airline provides takes off time cancel and did not use airline ticket finally, if the passenger still needs to adopt change the date or the means of return a ticket uses former airline ticket, need additional pay NOSHOW fine. Other detail calls 010-65063676 please.

Visa is small stick person:

Conduction visa, different country can have diverse demand. …… of requirement of proof of identification, job, photograph is same cannot carelessness, especially the following keyword.

Popularly says, the visa of conduction Europe country, the program is trivaller, proof of identification, belongings and interview, indispensable.

2, photograph

Besides should notice whether passport period of efficacy is enough half an year, the requirement norms of passport photo also has distinction in different country. When conduction Europe visa, the photograph is best can offer the white heart that takes inside half an year is illuminated one inch greatly, kodak or Fuji develop and print come out, cannot print, break up pat, the poll of the photograph should take a picture than protecting small.

3, after airline ticket of visa go ahead of the rest is ordered first, buy,

If cannot handle the European nation of be born visa France, Italy, Germany, be in a travel before, the passenger still needs home to buy airline ticket first, deal with visa again with baseplate order.

4, use visa clears up discrepancy condition attributive

Usually, the tourist must be in same a national discrepancy condition, to Shen Gen 15 countries (consult chainlet is received please) travel is exceptional however ——— tourist can be in condition of member country free discrepancy.

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