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Because of illicit go abroad how explain get a passport

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Chinese citizen leaves the country enter a country administrative method " executive detailed rules " the 3rd be opposite with the 4th the citizen because illicit go abroad explain the order that receives a passport made specific provision.

The first, the citizen goes abroad because of private affairs the passport that get, must to condition of discrepancy of public security bureau of the city of seat of registered permanent residence, county management department offers application. For convenient masses, reduce administrative levels, the citizen is OK and direct to the discrepancy condition of city public security bureau administrative office applies for to go abroad, need not offer application to the prefectural public security bureau of seat or substation of area public security.

The 2nd, the citizen because illicit go abroad explain get a passport, besides the inquiry that answers external affairs police, return the identification that must hand over an individual and concerned proof material, basically be:

(1) other perhaps census register proves the booklet of registered residence that meet test;

(2) fill in application form;

(3) refer place job unit or the street agency of seat or public security police station issued proof;

(4) refer with oneself main content going abroad proves accordingly.

The 3rd, according to legal provision, with oneself main content going abroad proves accordingly basically is to point to undermentioned all sorts of prooves:

(1) go abroad resident, the proof that before must be being issued, toward the country relatives and friends agrees with to settle and the resident license that head for a country prove. For example American immigration office sends " immigrant visa applies for instrument of ratification " etc.

(2) go abroad visit one's family visit friend, the invitation that must refer relatives and friends proves. For instance Korea police mechanism sends " the journey agrees with a book " , russia police mechanism sends " invite a book " , the economic deed of security that handles with etc country relatives and friends.

(3) go abroad of successive belongings, must refer the proof of lawful right of inheritance.

(4) go abroad to study abroad at one's own expenses, the enter a school that the school accepts to send toward the country before must be being referred permits a proof. For instance the United States sends about the school " qualification of visa of student studying abroad proves " . Japan enters what management board grants the state " resident qualification maintains a proof " etc.

(5) of obtain employment going abroad, before must be being referred, invite toward the country, service unit or the issued proof that recruit or employ prove employer. Include department of each country labor to send commonly " the labor is permitted " , "Work permit " , "Employ proves " etc.

(6) of travel going abroad, the foreign currency cost that must submit the place between foreign brigade date of departure to need proves and head for a country issued economy carries relatives and friends keep a proof. Citizen travel going abroad, if belong to relatives and friends to invite, ought to issue by relatives and friends assure proof, if belong to an individual at one's own expenses, need the proof of foreign currency charge that refers mechanism of national exchange control to issue. Other institution or individual those who issue is invalid.

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