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Beijing deals with visa little common sense

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1, material should add original and photocopy, chinese material should be translated into corresponding English or French;

2, take application form to answer in advance, visit the United States application form and business affairs use calendar 8: 30 in halt China can take inside the box of diplomatic mission doorway, seek heart application form 8: 30, 8: 40 get;

3, each are stationed in China when application of diplomatic mission collection, certificate fee all unprepared pocket money, collection is accurate amount;

4, some embassy application visa need to make an appointment, if the United States came to was executed in September in June,make an appointment make, zhou Yi makes an appointment to visa department afternoon to Zhou Wu, travel visa of Germany should call make an appointment: 010-65325560-100;

5, each country visa differs from the time that applies for to sign and issue place to use, be like the United States visit one's family a weekday needs after visa is approved, other differ to 10 weekday, thailand needs 3 weekday, germany needs 5 weekday to wait, so applicant should apply for ahead of schedule according to his go-off;

6, differ because of district, applicant should nearby application, if peaceful is state-owned,be stationed in consulate of Guangzhou, Kunming, the United States is state-owned be stationed in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang consulate general, the applicant of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang should be stationed in application of Shanghai consulate general to France or Germany;

7, partial visa but at each big travel agent is dealt with.

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