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Shanghai deals with a passport to require equipment data

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One, Shanghai often lives census register

(1) oneself fill in complete explain lead a list (stickup picture is needed in compasses emplacement a piece of) .

(Photocopy of 2) dweller Id, refer original to check in order to offer at the same time. If can offer social security card additionally, convenient processing application information keeps abreast of travel data checks.

(Photocopy of 3) dweller booklet of registered residence (need duplicate to sign and issue page < the first page > , page of data of him census register and) of page of change of the item that register, refer original to check in order to offer at the same time; Or hand over police station of public security of census register seat (police station) issued census register proves original.

(4) color illuminates 4 pieces nearly, among them a piece of beard is stuck in explain office of position of the regulation that lead a list.

(The applicant of 5) specific identity, the official letter of opinion going abroad that still must submit an unit to issue (chief signs and build official seal) or be in directly explain lead a list " opinion column " inside fill in and affix one's seal.

2, blame Shanghai often lives census register

If the provincial town resident of dispute Shanghai census register, can with going abroad the main content of business affairs applies for a passport, the legal entity with effective yearly check of this the La Yin booklet of registered residence that still needs the temporary residence permit that hands over this city or this city at the same time, person Id, classics does business charter carbon photocopy (original must check) and this enterprise issue send case reserved copy. Must head for office of government of condition of discrepancy of Shanghai public security bureau to hand over personally explain lead a list.

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