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The free baggage forehead of international airliner

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The free baggage forehead of international airliner
A Li Youji is consigned to weigh baggage and baggage of reckon by the piece in international airliner two kinds of means.
Baggage of reckon by the piece is applied to Sino-US, medium the baggage that adds international course to go up is carried.
The free baggage forehead of baggage of reckon by the piece is two, first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin grows 158cm of wide tall ≤ every
Every do not exceed 32kg, tourist class grows 158cm of wide tall ≤ for every, 273cm of ≤ of two the sum, every do not exceed 32kg, the baby can make use freely a baggage, 115cm of Dan Changkuan tall ≤
Plan heavy baggage is applicable except Sino-US, medium add the line beyond course.
Plan the free baggage forehead of heavy baggage: First-class stateroom cabin is 20kg of 30kg of 40kg, official cabin, tourist class, the baby does not have free baggage forehead.

3, carry article freely:
Domestic flight number: Every passenger with 5kg in the limit of
International airliner: Every passenger with 8kg in the limit of, grow 115cm of wide tall ≤

4, forbid to serve as the article that consigns baggage to carry
Calligraphy and painting of important file, data, negotiable securities, money, bill of exchange, precious metal, antique, brittle reach fragile the article of the in charge of of need person specially assigned for a task such as bad article forbids to regard as consign baggage or consign inside sandwich baggage, and should serve as carry article freely to take cabin to carry.

5, the article that forbids to carry as baggage:
1 danger tastes: Material of explosive, gas, combustible liquid, oxidant, noxiousness, infectivity material, radioactivity material, caustic material, magnetic material.
2 firearms: Contain all sorts of emulation peashooter, gun lighter and other all sorts of weapons that accompany aggressiveness.
3 armament, alarm instrument
4 control cutting tool
The other embargo goods that 5 countries provide

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