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Puppy is carried

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The dog that the family domesticates, cat, rasorial, birdie and belong to the animal of other and small-sized docile that views and admire and so on, agree via Dong Hang, can serve as consign baggage. The passenger asks to carry puppy to seize the opportunity, must be in order or application offers when buying a ticket, agree to abide by Dong Hang to carry the concerned provision of puppy, in ask for so that Dong Hang agrees rear portable.
Outside unless classics Dong Hang is special,allowing, the puppy that the passenger carries is uniform cannot put inside cabin to carry, can serve as only consign baggage, install inside hold. If the passenger asks to handle through traffic, must ask for those who get add carry carrier to agree square but through traffic. The puppy that dependency border carries should be had leave the country, enter a country the necessary papers of concerned country, certificate includes healthy proof, inject to prevent needle immunity proof, leave the country, enter a country permissive proof and animal quarantine proof.

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