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8 action teach you to buy special offer airline ticket

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Enter civil aviaton is off-season in September, airline promotes favorable balance of trade in succession low fold special offer airline ticket to attract a guest. But however many passengers complained to the reporter recently cannot buy special offer airline ticket, think oneself by airline " flicker " .

To this, airline breathes out greatly " injustice " . It is reported, airline rolls out favourable airline ticket is to attract passenger flow, airline ticket amount is average won't too much, because of when this passenger is bought, needing to master a method.

Buy special offer airline ticket 8 great skill

1. buys ticket discount earlier lower

Buy a ticket ahead of schedule (also say to open to booking a ticket) have normally ahead of schedule 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 days 5 class, general " shift to an earlier date 30 days " discount of the enjoyable that buy a ticket should be compared " shift to an earlier date 15 days " low, privilege is big. And be to do not have those who exceed low discount to open to booking a ticket to sell inside before the airliner takes off 10 days normally.

2. selects off-season flight number

Normally the time of Zhou Yi, Zhou Er or golden week around is a travel off-season, airline ticket can have relatively inferior discount commonly, at the same time everyday morning shift and night shift airliner also have overflow privilege normally 3. Electronic airline ticket is bought on the net

Ticket of the straight pickaback plane that sell electricity reduced airline to sell cost on the net, what the airline ticket discount that buys to logging onto airline website buys than other way commonly is a bit low.

4. type chooses

A same line, hold the type of flying plane is different, degree of airline ticket privilege differs likely also, the passenger can compare 3 to decide to buy a ticket again in the goods on the net.

5. a favourable turn is cheaper than arriving directly

If the passenger prepares to fly to Lhasa from Guangzhou, can choose Guangzhou to Chengdu, go to Lhasa through a favourable turn, its price is cheaper than arriving directly.

6. chooses adjacent airport

Head for 3 inferior if you choose to fly to big talk to turn again first other vehicle is headed for 3 inferior, costs cost compares petty gain of non-stop flight to sometimes.

7. selects airline

Although line is same, but the airline ticket discount of each airline will be different.

8. chooses the route with much airliner

Some course, each airline has a flight number, and the density of the airliner is bigger. Intense competition can make airline ceaseless roll out low fold airline ticket to attract a guest.

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