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Border is not had in the train, have a good swim Ouluoba

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-- teach you " one ticket " swim Europe

Everybody knows Europe is the heaven that the train travels, it is to want to make go up only it seems that the city of the name has a railway station! If you go Europe is away on official business or travelling, the elder that has experience can persuade you certainly: Went to Europe, must not forget to take a train! "Meet on the train that lets us be in Europe " , this is the slogan with the fashionable the most popular men and women that nowadays goes to Europe travelling already.

In Boeing and empty guest the time of intimate competition, still have so a flock of people from beginning to end trustily supports " the journey on rail " . In their eye, the landscape that sees on the train is abounded more than 30 thousand feet headroom and drab freeway. Journey counteracts the communication of other stranger, also can increase countless interest. Nowadays, the railway system that Europe develops became onshore journey storehouse of the tourist. What be worth to rejoice more is, the railway station of extend in all directions always is set in downtown, for tourist leave out fumble the time that goes to suburb airport and money. Meet on European train, this is a whole world " train confusing " tacit journey agrees. Zhang Ailing early says, famous want before it is too late; This word should be changed nowadays " go out should before it is too late " , because be in Europe, 26 years old had solemned is " the person arrives middleaged " , not be the appearance that points to you of course, however the strange policy of European railroad bureau -- be in Europe, the youth always is everywhere welcome, the privilege in all sorts of journey road increases a rebate, guard a pass remove the door to come the youth of mug completely " entice " gave a door. Travel in Europe, take same class train with you, inn of youth of as old as you same home, the knapsack that drinks coffee in same home cafe with you a group of things with common features, almost each is younger than you. 8 years old of seventeen ass friend that already took the end of the world must be more.

If you from take off hurry off to Europe that still is 364 days 0 25 years old momently, catching up with however when be born celebrate a unripe day that. This day to you however how happy do not rise, before the discount disappeared, you will be entered to be your " middleaged " and in deep sorrow unceasingly. Eurail suits the following youth annulus Europe 26 years old to travel most, train through ticket can be enjoyed 7 lose privilege. Though " famous want before it is too late " , travel to Europe of course more should before it is too late!

The train, the train, still be the train

In Europe the journey chooses to take the train, be economical is its the biggest attraction. On this, the railroad authorities of European each country thinks very hand and foot for the tourist, the train through ticket that has a variety of class, different time limit, different sort offers a passenger to choose, for example Inter Rail, europass. It is cheap that through tickets of such a piece of train divide second ground to buy a ticket to want group by group than you much, the public transportation monthly ticket that is familiar with with Chinese place is similar.

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