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Go out the journey hides money opportunely

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"Hide " Qian Deqiao

Go out the journey is best money break up the whole into parts, money of great par value is close-fitting place, divide at least for two place; The appropriate of money of little par value that uses often is put in the different pocket of coat or trousers dispersedly, every place had better not exceed 50 yuan.

Purse and knapsack in principle should not put money, it is especially in public traffic tool, avoid by all means carries knapsack on the back in back; Jacket, business suit also should pull slide fastener or button button.

In addition, because be afraid of have things stolen,do not want and be grasped all the time or hold firmly packet of bag, can cause the attention of thief instead so, increase risk of have things stolen.

"Take " money skill

In viatic road best " by need to take money " , maintain the balance of all sorts of par value money, say simply, buy the thing of a money namely, do not draw out 100. When drawing out money, also do not want take everything into one's own hands to give all money, lest cause the attention of thief.

If have a meal or shopping flower dropped 0 bank note, want to trade big paper money in time 0 paper money, put each bags equably, be ready for any eventuality.

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