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Aviation baggage loses compensate to pay complete strategy

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Q: Because of working relation, I often can go to the world each cities are away on official business, the business of development company. This year October, I take the plane of some airline to go to Shanghai by Paris, because was in place to buy more souvenir, I make the boot that carries consign by this airline. But when I arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, waited very long the luggage that did not get oneself. I asked the agency that this airline sets in the airport instantly, baggage be announcemented may be missing, airline says to be able to handle my baggage matter instantly. Then, I left the airport to come home. After the thing lies between half moon, this airline informs me baggage has been found, be willing the cost of delays that compensate pays certain amount. Although be such, I still feel this is unpleasant experience, the loses about baggage issue that I thought of to had not thought carefully before, want to borrow by expensive print, the compensate that seeks advice to lose a respect about baggage pays an issue, thank.

A: The question that Mr Wang raises is very global, to traveler, baggage is viatic substantial, any traveler does not want to encounter baggage is lost. But, the thing is not had 10 thousand, if produced such thing, the passenger can undertake handling according to the measure below.

Settle a way normally

In arrive at the ground to undertake baggage is lost declare

The agency of the airline that can take somewhat in the airport commonly, if be to be in abroad, also can have acting agency commonly. The relevant bill such as the airline ticket on the belt, Id, passport and certificate require when declaring. Reminding what the passenger notices is, the sun that consigns a Li Zaiying to should arrive rises 21 still did not arrive in the future, the passenger just has authority to mention to carrier compensatory request.

Divisional responsibility square

If baggage is missing,the reason as a result of him passenger is caused, so airline has the right not to grant compensate pays. Belong to passenger responsibility to have the following 3 kinds:

1. Did not deal with on time board the plane to consign formalities with baggage (airline demand passenger has done to board the plane to consign formalities with baggage in before the plane takes off 30 minutes)

2. Consign a Li Zhong to contain banned article

3. Consign a Li Zhong to have valuable, for instance cash, bill, important file. (airline stipulates valuable asks a passenger to be carried clearly)

Divide this above to be able to hold the responsibility that is airline what baggage causes to lose outside 3 kinds of circumstances.

Compensate pays a level differ

It is different that the compensate of Chinese airline and foreign airline pays a level. The baggage compensation standard of domestic flight number is 50 RMBs / kilogram. The baggage of international airliner, some airline, for instance Chinese state-owned airline is according to lowest 20 dollars / kilogram highest do not exceed 50 dollars / kilogram will undertake compensate pays, specific amount inspects a condition and decide. Foreign airline, for instance French airline, Holand airline is according to " Montreal convention " undertake compensate pays. When specific compensate pays, calculate according to weight no longer loss, every passenger with 1000 SDR (about 1350 dollars) in the limit of.

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