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Accumulate course of development, obtain free airline ticket

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Say " the world does not have free lunch " , nevertheless you can know, the member of all sorts of airline that want be apt to to use your right beside one only gets stuck, accumulate full number of fixed course of development, the sky can fall down a piece of free airline ticket. So good thing, where is what is there against it?

"Economic journey learns " the Zhu Zhaorui that advocate, bosom puts 3000 dollars to all over the world all right once 4 friends go in collusion with together row, took the 5th piece of free airline ticket from inside airline hand thereby. This is a successful free case undoubtedly, but not all airline is happy to hold this to plant " buy send more one " sales promotion activity, also not be everybody when preparing to set out fortunately choose arrives appropriate companion, so come, look forward to airline to be able to send you freely a piece of airline ticket, become be expected to cannot be reached.

Nevertheless, wanted you to join some airline only " constant passenger plans " , often take the scheduled flight of this airline, when your course of development number reached certain amount, or you are accumulated through other spending pattern full your integral number, perhaps cannot pass how long, the dream of free airline ticket can come true!

Analytic " constant passenger plans " , get free airline ticket

Current, home each are main airline is mixed to build market approach is main passenger group and the passenger source that assure stability, rolled out without one exception respective " constant passenger plans " , its core content is to often taking the flight of this airline passenger course of development undertakes accumulative. Simple principle is: Airline ticket flying row spacing leaves grade of longer, cabin seat or berth taller, the integral of course of development that you obtain is more. Corresponding, "Constant passenger " the course of development that also can use oneself is integral and change a few privilege from airline, buy a ticket to rise cabin discount, freely for instance, it is free airline ticket even.

Take any scheduled flights, the member that can deal with this airline by the application form that fill in and boarding check gets stuck. After, when be like the scheduled flight that takes this airline again, should dealing with only board the plane the member that you show when formalities gets stuck, in the account of course of development that the number of flight course of development that you take a scheduled flight can be accumulated to enter you. To often the flier that official business is away on official business people for, these formalities are the fatigue of raise one's hand nevertheless, can bring your due material benefit really for you however. For instance, with a piece free viatic airline ticket comes him reward with food and drink; Perhaps be far the airline ticket that visits his family back and forth serves heart of expressive filial piety in the parents of native place.

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