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Travel is careful conceal " bomb "

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-- unveil 100 model con mask

The journey is not the experience that is joy completely, this is major " often swim " lesson, "Not happy compare with happy thing rise, can a thirty-seventy ratio should congratulation really you; The work that if 55 are again common then,does not pass. " no matter you are in those who act as in whole journey,be " cruelly oppress " tourist or " fight a fish model " tourist, not be a kind of journey that contains fun. After all how should you become the visitor of a clever wisdom? Let " the freedom that carry Cheng goes " will teach you!

Perhaps, home swims we swim more, had known how to ensure oneself most golden eggs, but swim to leaving the country and character, the environment is very different, hard to avoid is in tourists the over and over again in perturbed and awkwardness is appropriative " loss is big " .

The king aunt of Shanghai this year 50 years old, last year in August, daughter son asked HongKong and Macow of peaceful of family person new horse to swim to express filial piety heart to give big money circuit. Originally cheerful go on a journey, how expect after returning Shanghai abrupt however suddenly turn hostile. "Adjoining Zhang Apo must take the beryl that I buy in Malaysia to look, the result says I am this false very impolitely still, do you say my gas is not enraged? " nevertheless gas puts in gas 's charge, king aunt places a heart to think, after all the thing that this travel buys is true, in be being said by Zhang Apo really? When she ill-affected decides on the belt a few travel shop, buy " big " go appraisal appraisal, in order to block Zhang Apo's mouth up.

The natural beryl that king aunt is taking her to be bought in Singapore and Malaysia place and auger Buddhist monastic discipline approachs center of Shanghai gem appraisal each continuously, "I am about today a view. " but the result of appraisal is very regretful, king aunt is hit the nail on the head not carefully by Zhang Apo. Appraisal center says: "Beryl humanness labour is bred, place of inn-keeper of and rather than says natural; Plunging drop also is chroma, clean degree all sign up for 3 grade high. " straight white ground says, king aunt was cheated, she is the flowery commodity that spent big price to purchase little value.

In talk things over with travel agent solve not below the circumstance of fruit, king aunt supervises place to put forward to complain to Shanghai travel quality directly, requirement travel agent undertakes compensatory to this. Qualitative inspect place receives after complaining, obtain evidence through investigation think: The tourist is bought in Malaysia place get Buddhist monastic discipline to belong to qualitative second price tall commodity, and Singapore place is bought " natural beryl " because provide evidence,inadequacy criterion is opposite tourist place carries compensation to ask not to grant to support. The basis concerns a provision, requirement travel agent assists tourist and connection of Malaysia bazaar respect to get Buddhist monastic discipline to make the processing that return money to what buying.

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