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European low long distance call

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No matter be official,travel at one's own expenses, true can " careless " , go out 10 days what half moon does not hang one electrify word in past home is true still do not see more, can call toward home in Europe, should go to the lavatory already economy, still can be doohickey really great, multifarious plan cost means, after all which it is economical, should consider carefully one time really.

Hit Xiaona to meet, father works outerly, 9 months can call come back to be sent his respects to, although receive a telephone call, grandfather grandma always beams with smiles, but also can blame father, in the home good, often do not call, wasteful money, they are returned persistently urgent I, say two less, this can be a long distance call! Fall in my brain then next idea: Long-distance it is a very extravagant thing, do not have urgent matter to be able to be not used casually. This defect continues all the time come down, often foreign friend telephones, often differ the someone says the word, interrupt say, have what thing E-mail inside dilatancy, do not waste your electric telephone bill, it is an emperor really not urgent eunuch is urgent ah. Till later myself needs to often go to Europe be away on official business, just understood that ancient poetry " a letter from home touchs 10 thousand gold " meaning, letter is such, be a more foreign phone what is more,the rather that?

How to go to the lavatory already the problem that economic ground dials a long distance call to become a lot of tourists to pay close attention to more and more, believe you been readinging this print carefully to be you special act according to go up " area of area of European low long distance call is watched " hind, you can be accomplished easily certainly " want to say to say " .

The mobile phone is dialed

Want to use domestic mobile phone to communicate in Europe, no matter be shift or UniCom user, need to go before before leaving window of respective postal service hall applies for to open international to roam service (the Id on the belt and on two phone Zhang of the month are odd) , be in normally after receiving application debut inside 24 hours use. Meanwhile, the international of the short message roams to also be opened, mobile user can be used directly, uniCom user still needs to change the number of short message service center.

If be to go to Europe short-term travel, a restful word signs up for namely after arriving at Europe, then the individual suggests, still be dialed with the mobile phone directly, shen Genguo's phone endowment cost differs somewhat each, normally minutely also 8 - 15 yuan of RMBs, some still are according to 6 seconds unit of a plan cost is calculated, wanting you only is not plane of full length report takes a case, the phone that 30 seconds arrive at in safety, should be enough.

Booth phone is dialed

If you do not take a mobile phone, use booth phone is very convenient also, public phone in European random an airport is mixed urban market is extremely easy on the road be discovered, divide into 3 kinds of means again among them: The first it is the phone that throw money, the booth of Europe that throw money can dial international long-distance, also be to press 6 seconds normally telephone bill of computation of unit of a plan cost, the endowment cost that is made toward China valuation of about each unit is made an appointment with 1 - 1.7 yuan of RMBs, that is to say minutely about 10 - 17 yuan of RMBs differ. Use such phone in you of course before, must prepare enough coin, the coin that does not cross to have 2 euro fortunately, enough prop up a little while.

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