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Find that piece of the cheapest airline ticket

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Respecting every time the choice of vehicle of go on a journey, plane, train, car becomes not decline to shoulder a responsibility " 3 big King Kong " . This " 3 big King Kong " in count a plane again most let a person love to be hated again again -- the convenience that loves it is quick, hate its high price. Although on newspaper, network countless small advertisement are making the renown head of low airline ticket, but ordered early say to had not given a bill, order evening is one ticket is begged hard. In how can you just controlling long-distance journey after all most Where is the airline ticket charge that takes cost of go on a journey?

Tao Zi sings in the song: "Want suddenly not to fly very much, want to go to new York on foot, see this all the way me once everything of oversight. " but unless you have,can expend time greatly, think the challenge uses 3000 U.S. dollors again errant the Zhu Zhaorui of the whole world, who to hold the post of to won't have the idea that goes to new York on foot otherwise.

Those who need a specification is, what Zhu Zhaorui advocates is economic journey concept: "Economic journey both neither is aristocratic journey, also not be be economical journey, not be self-abuse journey more, apply oneself however the brains of clever wisdom, go searching price of a kind of first-rate sex to compare. " it is so in journey, no matter be to be in the United States to live the guesthouse of 5 stars class, still be in Europe lone journey, directive Zhu Zhaorui chooses a route or the basiccest principle of the hotel, search first-rate sex price to compare namely. Say like him Zhu Zhaorui, "Actually I follow everybody same, it is very average person, if say to use world of brigade of week of 3000 U.S. dollors to have what tricks of the trade, that is me the courage that applied oneself and wisdom completed this trip. E.g. , everybody knows European bit, from the train that London goes to Paris, if be bought over there the agent from Shanghai,want 398 beautiful circles, still do not include acting cost. I went to Paris 11 times, if spend this money every time, estimation is early went bankrupt. And what I choose is a plane, because European country is much, airline is so much also, opposite competition is intense also. Because I am booked ahead of schedule, the result bought return to be 10 beauty's round flying airline ticket only. So, everybody can be envisaged, if do not know such news, you should spend 398 beautiful circles with respect to at least. I am 0.01 euro in a piece of the cheapest airline ticket in the journey, according to the exchange rate at that time, amount to RMB just 8 minutes of money. " said so much, want to let everybody understand a concept: Economic journey learns -- economics viewpoint is applied in the journey, obtain concerned information through all sorts of channel, make the journey arranges the rationalize that achieves utmost, the optimal sex price in spending least money to obtain travel is compared. Spoken parts in an opera, want to find the balance between self-abuse and corruption to nod in the journey namely, spend Qianbuduo, play chicly however. Discover not hard, supportive economy journey learns a very main base is information to collect reach conformity. With this " it is the cheapest to find that piece of airline ticket " the theme is exemple, everybody is in a travel before, how should gather reasonable and significant information? How many way can help everybody find that piece of the cheapest airline ticket more quickly again?

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