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20 thousand yuan of airline ticket are round-the-world fly

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Join " aviation is allied " all the way " green light "

Be less than a piece of 20 thousand yuan round-the-world airline ticket, from Shanghai or it is Beijing sets out, can circle earthly flying circuit in time of the random inside a year. And this piece of round-the-world airline ticket compares coequal range, coequal bank note not only kind 1/3 of petty gain of common airline ticket comes 1/2, join to go up with the have a change of luck of baggage in range greatly convenient also. Does such HAPPY HOUR call you very enchanted?

Character: JOY

The age: 28 years old

Sexual distinction: Female

Profession: Assistant of foreign enterprise director

Seat: Shanghai

Incident: One piece is less than 20 thousand yuan round-the-world airline ticket, annulus swims the earth 80 days

This annulus of JOY swims earthly event happened 2002, because of this matter she also becomes this years for a time at that time " topic empress " , any knows her person, meeting is the travel detailed information that the inquiry is different from common this.

"Yes, I am the price that spent 20 thousand yuan to still be less than only really, bought a piece of round-the-world airline ticket, set out from Shanghai, in me inside a year optional time circles earthly flying circuit. This piece ' round-the-world airline ticket ' compare coequal range, coequal bank note not only kind 1/3 of petty gain of common airline ticket comes 1/2, join in range and huge also was enjoyed on the have a change of luck of baggage convenient. " JOY place says, be in namely the round-the-world flight plan that the " of alliance of sky of aviation alliance " with the greatest 2002 whole world rolls out in China.

According to introducing, the activity of rolls out in Chinese churchyard travel of round-the-world airline ticket that JOY participates in at that time is to have really quite " shake " meaning, because it let a Chinese know for the first time, calculate you to want annulus to swim the world, also be small CASE nevertheless one picket.

We locate the record 3 years ago, can see, differentiate in the cabin seat or berth at that time on, have cabin of tourist class special offer, tourist class, business affairs, first-class stateroom cabin 4 kinds, what fare reachs order and degree of cabin seat or berth according to the accident of distance made good of round-the-world flight is different and cent is very much archives, the price goes to 73170 yuan from 19640 yuan, airline ticket period of efficacy is a year, edge by way of stops a city least 3, most 15. Among them airline ticket of economic special offer can via stopping 5 cities, a city can via stopping, allow to span only Pacific Ocean and Atlantic each, once return only then hair city, cannot continue again the journey.

Additional, during transit urban retention period can decide the passenger oneself, want not to exceed a year to go only. Cross except the first continent the airliner is unalterable outside, other range all can be changed, but want collection every time 75 dollars revise bill cost.

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