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Si Tan meets Rangaiyin system of confused German railroad privilege

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The journey is not the experience that is joy completely, this is major " often swim " lesson, "Not happy compare with happy thing rise, can a thirty-seventy ratio should congratulation really you; The work that if 55 are again common then,does not pass. " no matter you are in those who act as in whole journey,be " cruelly oppress " tourist or " fight a fish model " tourist, not be a kind of journey that contains fun. After all how should you become the visitor of a clever wisdom? Let " the freedom that carry Cheng goes " will teach you!

German railroad all the time celebrated with efficient, comfortable, standard feature, the day that so I am in Germany, as long as likely, always choose railroad to travel as far as possible. But if you are direct,the booking office that develops a railway station buys a ticket, that price lets person be left speechless with wonder or fear really, arrive from Frankfurt for example Munich, about 2 come the high speed train of the hour (ICE) , RMB of regular fare amount to makes an appointment with 800 yuan. Nevertheless, german railroad also has many favourable measure, for example, buy return dicket to be able to have a discount; If roundtrip journey is medium, lying between weekend, have privilege again; Shift to an earlier date 24 hours, 72 hours, 14 days of 7 day, favourable range that buy a ticket are different, two people person of the same trade also has privilege. If you bought railroad privilege to get stuck (BAHN CARD) , the journey exceeds 100 kilometers, can send the traffic inside city the bill, and railroad privilege blocks itself to be divided again for different level, anyway complex price and dozen fold a system to make a passenger confused not only, meet even railroad staff member even confused and disoriented. Before the favourable policy that clears up German railroad, still let us know the kind of train of varied German passenger transport first.

The type of train of German railroad operation

German railroad Deutsche Bahn, abbreviation DB, it was incorporated by the national railway of Germany He Dongde 1994 and become, and realized civilian battalion of the part change run. Railroad passenger traffic of Germany is main by the following kinds:


Inter City Express

City border red ball



Train of European city border

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